Medical Journal of Serbian Medical Society 
Section Kragujevac 

Since 1961.      



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The section of the Serbian Medical Society, located in Kragujevac, was founded by the end of 1946. The decision about publishing the Medical Journal was brought at the regular annual meeting of the section after 15 years of work and by taking into consideration results achieved in professional and scientific advanced training of its members. The basic task of a newly founded Journal was “ better and more complete information about the latest trends of modern medicine through lectures and discussions” that was written in introduction of the first volume by the head doctor Sreten Krasic. Besides dr Krasic, editors of the Journal were eminent doctors from Kragujevac, dr Dragomir Djukic and dr Branislav Petrovic.

Ambitious members of the editorial board of the Journal, led by editors-in-chief, overcame some difficulties at the start and provided regular publishing of the Journal. This Medical Journal, from its start, published papers from different areas of clinical and preventive medicine. Continuity of publishing of the Journal (for almost four decades-precisely 38 years) was kept by persistent engagement of the editorial board and during that time, contents of the Journal followed achievements of medical science.

Due to really hard social circumstances, the Journal was prevented from being published in 1999 as well as in the following few years. Considering that it is inadmissible to give up publishing the Journal with such tradition, the section of the Serbian Medical Society started publishing the Journal in 2005 when the 39th volume was printed. From 2005, the Journal is regularly issued, each volume contains two regular and one or two thematic issues.

Cover of the first volume of the Medical Journal

Editors-in-chief of the Medical Journal (from 1961 to 2007)

Head doctor Sreten Krasic
Head doctor Branislav Petrovic
Prof. dr Milija Djuric
Prof. dr Miroljub Jovanovic
Prof. dr Zoran Matovic
Prof.dr Mihailo Pantovic
Prof.dr Djordje Zivic